Biography of Administrator's Spouse

Mrs Marie Hardy was born on 29 February 1944 in Broken Hill, New South Wales. Mrs Hardy grew up and was educated in Broken Hill, and met her husband, His Honour the Honourable John Hardy AO, at Broken Hill High School. They were married at St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Glenelg, South Australia.

Mrs Hardy first moved to Darwin with His Honour and their four young children in 1971. She became involved with the Steering Committee at Moil Pre-School and was made President. Their fifth child was born in 1973.

Following Cyclone Tracy in 1974, Mrs Hardy and the family were evacuated to Adelaide. Determined to continue their life in Darwin, they returned and lived in two caravans for over two years while their house was being rebuilt. During this time Mrs Hardy was active in the community, bringing people together for social events and welcoming visitors to what remained of their home. While raising their family, Mrs Hardy was fundamental to the start, growth and stability of Hardy Aviation. She helped secure many clients and provided a personalised service, gaining the respect of many people.

Mrs Hardy has a strong interest in community involvement. She was Treasurer of the Darwin Film Society during the 1970s and was on the Merchandise Committee of the National Trust during the 1980s. She has been a member of the Darwin Inner Wheel Combined Club since 1985. She has supported schools by assisting with events and sports and billeting students for sporting events. Mrs Hardy continues to remain active within the community through patronage of various Northern Territory organisations.