Patronage Requests

With the many patronage requests received by the Administrator each year, it is necessary to request supporting documentation to assist patronage consideration. Requests for the Administrator and Mrs Marie Hardy to be patrons of an organisation should include:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association, or Constitution
  • Recent annual report (if published)
  • Recent financial statements, giving evidence of financial stability
  • Statement of the organisation’s activities
  • Evidence of longstanding and continuity (at least five years), and a sustained record of achievement
  • Membership numbers in the Northern Territory and, if relevant, nationally
  • Is it a shared patronage e.g. has anyone else accepted patronage? (Administrators, State Governors may accept shared patronages)

In addition, please indicate how the organisation would involve its patron in its activities.

The invitation or letter of request should be addressed to:

Mr Scott Samson
Official Secretary to the Administrator
Government House
GPO Box 497
DARWIN  NT  0801